Jen Parkhill
2 min readFeb 13, 2021


I wanna be your cowboy.

strike that.

I wanna be the horse

I wanna be that horse

who carries you.

heartbeats synced

beneath our feet

I keep tracing air for your-

I love every single thing

about those hands

how they hold

the gold rush

my hat still in my hand

here catching flint rock

I’ll keep shifting sand

bucket of heat


I could weep

you’re still here

keep sending

keep sending

the smoke signal

push a finger

round the gum

rub away the taste

the letters

so goddamn free

there isn’t a thing

I want to stop

you from inhaling

save what damages

I think I’d like

to watch you live

all the cracks

so I can kiss em

I’ll start with the fingers

the grooves in the palm

tilt your head back

in my pocket

there’s calm

save it in my can-

feel it on the tongue

you put the calm

you put the calm

are you happy

look at us,


in this fog.

a shoe



Originally published at https://www.jenniferparkhill.com on February 13, 2021.